Alexander's Natural features naturally raised beef that presents to the palate the traditional flavor and tenderness that meat lovers covet.
For over 50 years we have been serving unique meat products to our customers. The uniqueness of our new offering lies in the fact that our beef is raised naturally without pesticides, antibiotics or hormones. Our cattle are raised in an environmentally sustainable way and fed a 100% vegetarian diet. A leaner alternative, they nevertheless retain the taste and texture profile found in highly marbled cuts of meat. Our new offering is the perfect combination for consumers who know flavor and value their health.

For 50 years, Alexander's Meats has provided high quality beef from our storefront in San Gabriel, California. Our retail business has continued to grow over the years based on this combination of traditional taste and tenderness and we have won many “Best Retail Butcher” awards in the greater Los Angeles area. The demand for our product has grown to the point where customers who have moved away from our area have asked us to ship our products to destinations ranging from Hawaii to New York City. We are excited that our new Natural Beef offering will allow us to share the benefits of our delicious and healthful products with meat lovers we could not have otherwise satisfied.

Steak Tartar Recipe (view recipe)

Ready in minutes
Serves 4 (as hors doeuvres)
Prep Time: minutes
Cooking Time: minutes

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