Alexander's Natural Beef Offerings

Baseball Cut

You'll hit a grand slam home run when you serve this steak to your guests. Cut from the most tender portion of the top sirloin it earns its reputation for flavor and tenderness from its subtle marbling. Carefully selected from the finest USDA choice corn-fed beef, these steaks will please even the most discriminating steak lovers.

Chateau of Sirloin

Alexander's 2 lb. offering of sirloin can be oven roasted or seared to perfection on the BBQ grill. Cut from the most tender part of the sirloin, this Chateau-Briand offers both succulent flavor as well as crowd pleasing texture.


Also known as the Top Sirloin Cap Steak, the Coulotte has a robust, beefy flavor, well suited for grilling and pan frying. Lean and tender, this hearty cut is perfectly suited for kabobs, stews or stir-fry.

Filet Mignon

Filet mignon is considered the king of steaks because of its tender, melt in the mouth texture.This elegant cut is guaranteed to impress. 4 OZ portions are perfect for beef tournedo recipes, while 6-8 OZ portions lend themselves to grilling perfection.

Flat Iron

An Exceptionally Good Value! One of the newest and most exciting cuts of beef, the Top Blade Flat Iron Steak, featuring a significant amount of marbling, is exceptionally tender and flavorful. It is big on beefy taste and delicious grilled, broiled or pan fried.

Natural Ground Beef Patties

No beef is any more deserving of center stage than our natural beef burgers and sliders. Our burgers are a perfect blend of sirloin, tenderloin and chuck, with just enough fat content to deliver maximum "big time" flavor. Comments from leading Chefs range from juicy to flavorful to outstanding. Alexander's Natural burgers, what real beef should be. Savor the flavor the healthy way.

NY Steak

Also known as the "New York Strip" the Loin Strip Steak is a favorite from coast to coast. This cut of meat is particularly prized for its flavor and tenderness. Its fine marbling gives it a hearty flavor and satisfying texture, making it a must-have item on everyone's wish list. Cook these steaks no more than medium rare to showcase their delicate flavor and naturally tender texture.


Among connoisseurs of quality beef, the Rib-Eye Steak is held in high regard for its ample marbling, which produces a juicy, flavorful dining experience. Quite simply, it's a classic American steak.


The best kept beef secret. Also known as a poor man's Chateau-Briand in local butcher shops, this outstanding cut abounds with juicy mouth watering sirloin flavors and delivers a satisfying dining experience. Pound for pound, it's our best value!

Alexander's Signature Sirloin

These 6 oz. "portions of pleasure" are cut from the sirloin end of the New York Strip and are packed with flavor and tenderness.
Steak Tartar Recipe (view recipe)

Ready in minutes
Serves 4 (as hors doeuvres)
Prep Time: minutes
Cooking Time: minutes

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